Pear Slices 2016

Birders written by Barbara Anderson (who is also responsible for the opening piece The Telecommuter) and Alternative Text-Send by Douglas Rees are two pieces that merit being lauded above the rest. It should be noted that the success of both plays is due in no small part to Royal Academy of Dramatic Acting-trained actor Ray Renati, who displays a knack for deadpan in Birders and a cheeky pompousness-turned comic aggravation as none other than William Shakespeare in Alternative Text-Send. - Veronika Ferdman - MetroActive

Superior Donuts

Renati reaches deeper and makes his characterization multilayered and .....  meaningful. - Joanne Engelhardt - For the Daily News


And then there is that last scene, which I mentioned earlier. I don't want to give it away, but let me say that it is Renati's moment, when he has to put the final meaning of the Irishman Shaw's commentary about the British in his face. Renati delivers.


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